DB Graphics

custom action sports decals

db graphics

ilabb is stoked to introduce our mega new graphics partner DB graphics.

Similar to ilabb, DB began as a custom motocross decal company, but where ilabb branched out into streetwear, DB has developed its skill set to a range of action sport rides as well as everyday branding and sign writing. Looking to incorporate their original business into their new brand, ilabb partnered up to create DB (Doctor B) Graphics.

With ilabb sponsoring a lot of New Zealand’s best shredders, it makes sense that they have an in house graphics partnership to make sure the athletes look good on what they’re riding as well as what they’re wearing.

DB Graphics and ilabb work well as a team and feed off of each other’s inspirations. It keeps ilabb down to it’s roots while providing DB with a massive range of inspiration to create graphics.

DB’s website features all the services they can offer out of its Grafton workshop, including exclusive use of the ilabb brand in personalised decals. Custom graphics can be made for all major models of motocross bikes, snowboards, wake boards, buildings and cars. The creative process is super flexible, with customers choosing one of the pre-set designs or developing a custom design with DB's mega team.

The ilabb team is so stoked to have such an awesome company working with us to get that wrap game strong. Hit up the DB Graphics website and grab yourself some of the tastiest looking decals in the country yeeow!