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The new standard of fleece

A new level of comfort, micro fleece is a soft-touch fleece that remains forever soft. Anti-pill properties make it a higher quality fleece with less environmental impact.



Anti-pill properties make micro fleece a high qaulity fabric built to last.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Fleece is soft and light, In many ways it is similar to wool, but a synthetic and lightweight version. Microfleece is a great alternative to wool that boasts many of the same properities.

Unprecedented comfort

Unprecedented comfort

Think you know comfort? Think again. We’ve reached a whole new level of comfort with all new microfleece. Touch it, try it, we promise you won’t regret it

shadow Hood - Black - ilabb

shadow Hood

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Triple Crew Wms - White/Black/Red - ilabb

Triple Crew Wms

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Coordinates Mask - Black - ilabb

Coordinates Mask