ilabb x trekker

A Collaboration Eight Years in the Making

What started out merely as a dream, morphed into a napkin drawing, and has now come to fruition. Two purpose driven brands seeking out everyday adventures, and one juggernaut of a truck ready to take on any mission thrown its way.

"The Trekker concept was born from a passion for New Zealand, Land Rovers and adventure. Trekker is focused around you creating unique experiences in iconic trucks. All vehicles come with the rugged charm, including a few rattly windows."

- Bill Neville, Trekker Adventures Founder

Mutual admiration and a few beers later, we began drawing up the ultimate adventure vehicle that would be shared by the people we care about most... Our family, friends and you the fans. Yes, this truck is not just for us, the ilabb Defender is for you. We want to give thrill seekers the means to travel this great country and experience everything it has to offer.

Check the limited release range below and strap in folks, as s**t just got real.