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ilabb’s women’s bottoms

Shop the new and classic range of ilabb’s women’s bottoms, built to help you face whatever challenges the day might bring. From leisure to street, each pair of women's bottoms are designed to move with you, not against you. Each season our design team in New Zealand set the trends for colour, fabric and style, making sure your legs are looking super crispy.

Aries Trackie - Dusky/Slate - ilabb

Aries Trackie

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On Sale $85.36

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Miami Short - Black - ilabb

Miami Short

$14.22 Regular price
On Sale $42.67



$39.83 Regular price
On Sale $56.90

Capsize jean {skinny} Wms - Black - ilabb

Capsize jean {skinny} Wms


Capsize jean {skinny} Wms Denim - Navy - ilabb

Capsize jean {skinny} Wms Denim


Commuter Pant - Black - ilabb

Commuter Pant


Cosy Legging - Affogato - ilabb

Cosy Legging

$39.83 Regular price
On Sale $56.90

Polar Pant Wms - Affogato - ilabb

Polar Pant Wms

$59.75 Regular price
On Sale $85.36

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Block Trackie - Affogato - ilabb

Block Trackie

$64.73 Regular price
On Sale $92.47

Polar Pant - Black - ilabb

Polar Pant

$59.75 Regular price
On Sale $85.36

Coordinates Dye Trackie - Fade Tie Dye - ilabb

Coordinates Dye Trackie


Good Pant - Affogato - ilabb

Good Pant