10 yeeeahs : the blocked tee

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Because of your awesomeness, we have managed to conquer ten years of epicness

And now it's time to celebrate...

so lets celebrate!

We're bringing back some of ilabb's most original and popular styles just for you! all styles have been recreated for a specific reason, each with their own story to share. First up is the Blocked Tee.

Name: Blocked Tee

Age: 10 years

Favourite Food: scooby snacks

Favourite Colour: black and white

Best ilabb memory: the creation of ilabb - i was there for it, it was a glorious moment.

Reason for creation/being: The block was ilabb’s first logo, and I was the first ever ilabb tee, such a delicious combo. The original block logo was inspired by the focus brackets in the view finder of a camera, tasty aye.

Meet some of our ilabbfamily shredding the original block below!

hi i am Niamh {aka Neeboo} and i am ilabb's production manager.

most memorable ilabb moment: Basically any party we have had at ilabb.

From when the crew was small and we would pick a song to play each, have drinks on the skate ramp and touch our cups to the roof.

To the bigger parties with crazy costumes, hanging from rafters and even losing my engagement ring.

It all happens at an ilabb party.

hi i am Cam {aka Ron} and i am ilabb's signage manager.

most memorable ilabb moment: that one time Sead's, Adrian and i ran the ilabb store at Farm Jam 2016. epic times… until i dislocated my shoulder in the lake a few days later.

hi i am Batman and i am ilabb's graphic designer.

most memorable ilabb moment: The first (and only) annual indoor 50cc scooter moto. A teeth curling, freckle removing affair that should by all means be repeated.

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