Mad Mike takes the First Round Win in Suzuka, at Formula Drift Japan

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Yeeeow highest of fives to our legendary drifter Mad Mike Whiddett as he takes the first round win at Suzuka, Formula Drift Japan.

Photo by @nihonjam / David Ishikawa

After some on point practice runs it was clear that the TPC Magic Team along with Mike had HUMBUL running close to perfect heading into qualifying.

With confidence at a high Mike flew through qualifying making sure that the judges got what they were looking for; commitment, dynamic entries, fast flicks and getting as close to the wall as possible. After banking a 92 and 3rd place Mike looked toward the battles.

After beating out Kamiya in top 32, Nian in top 16, Andy Grey in top 8 the Mike continued to execute and took the semi-final against Yamashita. The final was a next level battle with Minowa getting up on Mike but after losing his line towards the end half of the run it was Mike’s to take. HUMBUL gave chase and with their usual aggressive and dominating style, took the win.

Round 2 of Formula Drift Japan will be Ebisu in July, keep it locked here for all the epic results yeeeow!