Team UR push the limits in Andorra

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Team UR continue to lead the World Cup team ranking after last weeks Andorra World Cup.

With changing weather conditions Team UR’s riders were keeping a close eye on the track conditions. After spending the night in the local hospital after a pre-qualification crash, Tracey Hannah showed her grit getting back on her bike and taking 1 st place in the qualifiers. Alex and Mick looked smooth in the men’s qualifying coming in 17 th and 22nd.

The weather held out for finals day keeping the track in perfect condition. Tracey Hannah continuing to push her limits, fell victim to the steep gnarly track damaging her bike yet still managed to ride down finishing in 9 th place. Tracey is still #1 in the overall rankings yeeow!

The boy’s continued to show they’re on the pace with both Mick and Alex finishing in the top 20, with Mick holding his 14 th overall ranking and Alex climbing to 9th overall.

A big shout out from the ilabbfamily to Team UR continuing an epic season! Make sure you checkout the rad video edit from the weekend below!