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The core range embodies the soul of ilabb, it represents who ilabb is and what it stands for. Worn with pride by people who share the same values and manifest ilabb’s beliefs, this range is where it all begins. Containing the iconic ilabb capsize logo in a range of styles, colours and fabrics this collection will be worn all year round.
Capsize Plastic Bottle - Pink

Capsize Plastic Bottle


Kids Capsize Trackie - Black

Kids Capsize Trackie


Kids Capsize Dye Hood - Fade Tie Dye

Kids Capsize Dye Hood


Kids Capsize Hood - Affogato

Kids Capsize Hood


Kids Capsize Tee - Affogato

Kids Capsize Tee


Kids Capsize Tee - Fade

Kids Capsize Tee


Lomond Tee | Capsize - Black - ilabb

Lomond Tee | Capsize


Capsize Hood Wms - Affogato - ilabb

Capsize Hood Wms


Glacier Jacket | Capsize - Dusky - ilabb

Glacier Jacket | Capsize


Capsize Tee Wms - Affogato - ilabb

Capsize Tee Wms


Capsize Tee - Affogato - ilabb

Capsize Tee


Capsize Pom Beanie - Affogato - ilabb

Capsize Pom Beanie